Meet the team

Chris ParsonsChris Parsons, PhD - Research Scientist & Adjunct Professor
Chris leads the stream and watershed biogeochemistry team and holds appointments as an adjunct professor at the University of Waterloo and Wilfred Laurier University.
His research focuses on improving understanding of trace contaminant and nutrient mobility in dynamic environmental systems. He draws upon a range of complementary disciplines including, geochemistry, hydrology, microbiology, spectroscopy, thermodynamic modelling and statistics. Chris is particularly interested in the behaviour of redox-sensitive inorganic contaminants in freshwater aquatic sediments.
Zoey DugganZoey Duggan, MSc, BSc (Hons) - Aquatic Ecologist
Zoey is an aquatic ecologist with ECCC, having joined the water science and technology branch in 2009. She supports research into land use effects on nutrients in streams and rivers. In this role Zoey enjoys coordinating and implementing large field programs, liaising with conservation authorities and university partners, providing field expertise, training and assistance to students and post docs. Her job with ECCC has allowed her to work in a variety of environments across Canada, providing her with the unique challenges of implementing novel means for instrumentation of field sites from remote northern Alberta (helicopter access only) to the agricultural streams of the prairies and southern Ontario. Zoey also works in the lab processing water samples, maintaining, testing and calibrating equipment and in the office processing data. Zoey also contributes to report writing, most recently co-authoring a synthesis report on the research funded by the Lake Simcoe Georgian Bay Clean Up Fund.
Zoey earned a Master of Science degree in Marine Biology from the University of North Carolina Wilmington where she studied the ontogeny and fatty acid composition of lipids within structural adipose of bottlenose dolphins. Prior to that Zoey attended Dalhousie University in Halifax Nova Scotia where she completed an Honours Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology.
Outside of work Zoey can most often be found hiking with her husband and their chocolate lab Kona.
Carly KempCarly Kemp, BSc (Hons) - Research Technician
Carly's role is to support both experimental and field based research projects within the group. In this position, she is able to enjoy a mixture of field and laboratory work, as well as data analysis. Fieldwork typically includes instream measurements, such as water chemistry or discharge measurements, as well as sample collection. Laboratory tasks include sample preparation and analysis. She received her Bachelor of Science in an Honours Environmental Science co-op program at the University of Waterloo, along with diplomas in Environmental Assessment, and Ecological Restoration and Rehabilitation.
Ross MackayRoss MacKay - Research Technician
Ross has almost 30 years of experience with ECCC. He has spent the majority of his career as a field technician assisting scientists with hydrologic and meteorologic studies in a wide range of challenging environments including glaciers, mountains, the arctic, the prairies, the Great Lakes and southern Ontario. He is adept working from a variety of field platforms including small boats, research vessels, skidoos, ATVs, skis, and helicopters. Ross is also proficient in the analysis of sediment and water in the laboratory, and has provided programming support, using MATLAB, to numerous of studies. Notably, Ross assisted with a comparison of global climate models, helping to predict future hydrologic conditions across Canada.

Current students

NameInstitutionDegree programTopic
Bowen ZhouUniversity of WaterlooPhD - Earth and Envrionmental SciencesFate and speciation of phosphorus in stormwater management systems and implications for urban phosphorus cycling under climate change

Former students

NameInstitutionDegree programTopicGraduation year
Nady KaoUniversity of WaterlooMSc - Earth and Envrionmental SciencesInfluence of a dammed reservoir on nutrient (N, P, Si) loads and ratios of the Thames River, Ontario2021
Lu HuangUniversity of WaterlooPhD - Earth and Envrionmental SciencesMechanisms controlling the recycling of nutrient silicon in freshwater sediments: An experimental study of the interactions between silicon, iron and phosphorus2020
Md Abdus SaburUniversity of WaterlooPhD - Earth and Envrionmental SciencesInteractions of phosphate and silicate with iron oxides in freshwater envrionments2019
Christine RidenourUniversity of WaterlooMSc - Earth and Envrionmental SciencesBiogeochemical cycling of nutrient silicon in a human-impacted large lake nearshore environment (Hamilton Harbour Area of Concern, Lake Ontario, Canada)2017